Our Process

“Servant leadership is all about making the goals clear and then rolling your sleeves up and doing whatever it takes to help people win.”

— Ken Blanchard


The Journey

The Serving Way begins with your leadership experiences and the current challenges you face.


As you learn to frame these pressing issues as desired outcomes rather than simply as problems, you will increase your ability to learn, love, and lead from the heart of who you are. And when you serve your team using these insights and skills, your organization’s culture grows and expands, delivering unique value that delights all your stakeholders.



Great leaders demonstrate high emotional intelligence and great self-leadership. We help you understand your leadership DNA, uncover your core motivations, and identify your personal strengths. As you develop a deep awareness of yourself and others, you will discover your unique gifts and harness them with power and precision.



Learning to harness the key skills practiced by servant-leaders is the next step in the journey. We explore healthy leadership behavior that brings out a commitment to contribute our best work, fosters inclusive thinking, reduces drama, and establishes collaboration through effective feedback to produce great results that grow and last.



With deeper awareness of self and others, the new tools you have learned, and the skills you now practice, you are positioned to develop strategies that multiply the outcomes that matter most. When you consistently show up as a servant-leader, you engage your team, your organization, and your stakeholders with purpose and direction.

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